To promote open source software and

To create documentation

To increase the use of open source software
in the curriculum and research

To Develop new open source software
where required

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FOSSEE Summer Internship 2017. Last date to apply 28 Feb, 2017.

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Policy on adoption of
Open Source Software for
Govt. of India

  • Yaksh Online Test Python

    FOSSEE team has developed an Open Source Python-Django based web application to conduct online programming as well as MCQ based quizzes. It is an online solution to test the practical skills of students in various programming platforms like Python, C, C++, Java, Scilab & Bash.

  • Scilab Toolboxes Scilab

    FOSSEE has taken efforts to raise the level of Scilab toolboxes. Following are some of the toolboxes we are working on: Image processing toolbox, Signal processing toolbox, Communication toolbox, Optimization toolbox, Identification toolbox, Control systems toolbox, Scilab to C toolbox.

  • Python Textbook Companions on Cloud Python

    In order to allow anyone to easily view, modify, and run the Python textbook companions, the FOSSEE team has made these available online. This is done by using IPython notebooks that are hosted on our server at This environment allows viewers to use the examples with just a browser.

  • Mixed Mode Simulation in eSim eSim

    NGHDL is a mixed mode circuit simulator developed by FOSSEE, using NgSpice and GHDL. In NGHDL, NgSpice is used to simulate the analog components and GHDL is used to simulate the digital components, where the analog and digital components are communicating through socket.



The FOSSEE Project promotes the use of the following FOSS tools to improve the quality of education and research: We promote these tools by encouraging students and faculty to use them in education and research through the activities listed in this page.

Textbook Companion

The Textbook Companion (TBC) activity aims to port solved examples from standard textbooks using a Free and Open source software.


  1. Make individuals learn FOSS through a practical approach.
  2. Provide a huge database of Textbook Companions as a learning resource.
  3. To make it easy for users of such textbooks to start using FOSS.
  4. To improve the documentation available for FOSS.

This internship is available for the following FOSS supported by FOSSEE:


Lab Migration

Lab Migration aims to migrate labs that use proprietary software to a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) only lab. Colleges can save a large amount of money that is spent on procuring licenses for commercial software by switching to FOSS.


  1. Provide suggestions on the different ways FOSS can be implemented in the laboratory.
  2. Coordinate the migration of the lab to a FOSS only laboratory.
  3. Provide solutions to the lab's problem statements.

We currently offer Lab Migration for the following FOSS:


Niche Software Activities

To popularise FOSS in all colleges in India, we have initiated various activities that aim to convert typical projects undertaken by students as their final semester/year project or any mini project during undergraduate or higher studies. This can get good students attention from industry which can result in possible internship and subsequent employment. Some of these activities are


For assistance in installation and use of the Free and Open Source Software, we recommend you to visit the FOSSEE Forum to post your queries. This forum is monitored by domain experts who would attend to your queries. Note: Before posting your questions, you are requested to go through the list of questions already answered. There could be similar queries with solutions already provided.

Workshops & Conferences

We conduct various conferences, seminars, hands-on workshops to introduce FOSS users to various developments in the respective FOSS.Through these events, we also aim to evangelize the tool among new users.