FOSSEE Club is any institution that will promote and contribute to the various activities of the FOSSEE project. The club can also undertake events apart from these activities subject to that the event is based on any one of the software promoted by the FOSSEE Project. You also have to get prior approval for the event from the FOSSEE Project. For more details on this please refer to the rules and regulations section given below.The club may also have to contribute to the development of open-source software through FOSSEE.

Please see the details of the activities given in this page: After a substantial contribution to the FOSSEE Project, as 'per' the criteria given below, they can become a FOSSEE Club by signing the Expression of Interest.

Criteria for becoming a FOSSEE Club (any 3 or more):

    1. 10 TBC in Scilab / R / OpenModelica etc
    2. 5 LM in Scilab / R / OpenModelica / OpenFOAM etc
    3. 5 No of case studies in OpenFOAM / Scilab / R
    4. 10 No of Circuit Simulation in eSim
    5. 10 No of Flowsheets / Custom models in DWSIM and OM
    6. 5 workshops on Python
  1. Get recognised as a FOSSEE club
  2. Collaborate with various activities of the FOSSEE project
  3. Get your contributions displayed on FOSSEE website
  4. Proficient student contributors get direct entry to a relevant job fair hosted by the FOSSEE project annually
  5. Preference to the proficient student contributors in FOSSEE Summer Fellowship
  6. Receive an annual certificate of recognition by FOSSEE for significant contributions
  7. Get NAAC accreditation by participating in FOSSEE activities.

If an institution wants to conduct an event under the FOSSEE Club then they should take prior written approval to use the FOSSEE logo. The event itself should be approved by the FOSSEE Project.