• Upcoming Events
    1. Circuit Design and Simulation Marathon using eSim:

      FOSSEE Project, along with VLSI System Design Corp. Pvt. Ltd is organising an online Circuit Design and Simulation Marathon. People with a good knowledge of basic electronics are welcome to participate. The registrations are open. The Marathon launch is on 17 June 2021. For more details, visit:

    2. FOSSEE Online Job Fair:

      The FOSSEE project is organizing an online job fair. We strongly believe that this job fair will connect students with prospective employers who can give a kick start to their career. This event will be conducted in July 2021. For more details, visit:

  • Past Events

      This Mapathon was a map-making competition for a specific problem statement. This event was organised jointly by IIT Bombay, AICTE and ISRO to produce maps using Indian remote sensing data. Participants created maps using free open source platforms (such as QGIS). For more details, visit

    2. Synfig Studio 2D Animation Hackathon:

      This Hackathon was organized by FOSSEE, IIT Bombay in association with Whistling Woods International. Synfig Studio is a cross-platform free and open source vector-based 2D animation software which is designed to produce film-quality animation with minimum resources. For more details, visit

    3. Scilab Toolbox Hackathon:

      Scilab Toolbox Hackathon is an online, nonstop "Scilab Toolbox Development '' based on an ALREADY AVAILABLE and ESTABLISHED open source software, a competition initiated by the FOSSEE Project. It aims to inspire minds across the globe to build outstanding toolboxes for Scilab. For more details,

    4. FOSSEE Proponent Symposium:

      The FOSSEE Proponent Symposium is an event to bring together the top FOSSEE contributors/ mentors and FLOSS enthusiasts. The event was held at IIT Bombay on 7 March 2020. In this symposium, we identified institutes who will be interested in becoming FOSSEE clubs. For more details, visit