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NameOsdag Pre-Launch Workshop 2016
Start Date2016-06-04
End Date2016-06-05
No. of Participants55
VenueIIT Bombay
DetailsThe FOSSEE project based at IIT Bombay organised the Osdag Pre-Launch Workshop from Saturday, 04 June to Sunday, 05 June 2016. Professors/professionals of many institution/organization, who are engaged in the (teaching of) design of steel structures, were invited for the workshop. Osdag is a GUI-based cross-platform, free and open-source software for the design (and detailing) of steel structures, following the Indian Standard IS 800:2007. Osdag is currently under development. An alpha version of Osdag containing a few connection design modules is expected to be released in September 2016. The primary objective of this “pre-launch” workshop was to expose domain experts and prospective Osdag users to the current version of this software, and to obtain their feedback. This feedback will enable the developers to come out with a more user-friendly and useful version of Osdag at its projected launch. In addition to hands-on trials of Osdag by the participants, the workshop also featured talks from the experts who are members of the BIS code committees pertaining to IS 800.
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