FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2019

Total number of registered participants: 3815

Concept Note for FOSSEE Fellowship 2019
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Last updated on: 1 March 2019
Interesting Experiences
  • All college (bachelors, masters, PhD, etc.) Students from all streams(engineering, science, arts, commerce etc.) are welcomed to participate in the FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2019.
  • FOSSEE works only on promotion and development of Free/Libre and Open Source Software in education. For more updates on the FOSSEE Fellowship please keep checking this website

Registrations open

1 February 2019

Last date of registration and to submit tasks
(About 1 month is required to complete the task, please start early)

18 March 2019

Announcement of Results

18 April 2019

Commencement of Fellowship (tentative)

 14 May 2019

We request you to share the above fellowship poster with faculty members, students and others who might be interested. You may print the poster (native size - A4) and display on notice boards.

  1. To register and enroll, click here
  2. The registered participants have to select a topic from the below table and submit a screening task for the selected topic
  3. The details of the topic and screening tasks for each are given in the table under "Topics for the screening task submission" tab
  4. For the topics under: "Tasks which require proposal and acceptance", the participants have to first make a proposal and submit the tasks only after the acceptance of the proposal
  5. For the topics mentioned under "Tasks which do not require proposal and acceptance", the participant have to directly submit the task without any proposal
  6. The completed tasks will be reviewed by the domain experts in the FOSSEE team.
  7. After the review the selected participants will be called for the fellowship at IIT Bombay.
  8. The participants who have completed the tasks but are not called for the Fellowship will be getting soft copy of the certificate for the successful completion of the task
  9. If participant selects a task under "Tasks that require submitting a proposal and accepting it" and has completed it, then the participant will be eligible for honorarium and certificate.
  • Tasks that require submitting a proposal and acceptance, resulting in collaborative content creation
S.NoProjectsProject detailsScreening Tasks
1CFD (OpenFOAM)Computational fluid dynamics toolboxClick Here
2DWSIMCreate Chemical process flowsheetsClick Here
3eSimEDA: Circuit simulationClick Here
4FOSSEE Optimization ToolboxDevelop Scilab examples to test functions available in FOSSEE Optimization Toolbox (Refer to Task 1)Click Here
5Hardware (OpenPLC)Make functional block diagrams for OpenPLC using 4DiacClick Here
6Health and NutritionOrganise training sessions on breastfeeding and complementary feedingClick Here
7Koha1,000 Metadata/catalogue of books and other collections from a public libraryClick Here
Create flowsheets in OpenModelica (Refer to Task 1)
Create power system models using OpenIPSL (Refer to Task 2)
Solve steel design examples as per Indian Code
Create a design report for the solved steel design examples using LaTeX. Or
Creating functions for various clauses of IS 800:2007 in Python Programming language.
10Places of WorshipCreate a video on places of worship of all faithClick Here
11QGISData collection and analysis using QGIS, possible for local governments and DCClick Here
12RCollection of data and do statistical analysis, possibly for local governments and DCClick Here
13XcosDevelop nontrivial examples in Xcos (Refer to Task 1)Click Here

  • Tasks that require a test and possibly a small activity (no collaborative content creation, however)
S.NoProjectsProject detailsScreening Tasks
1ArduinoMake circuits using Arduino and simulate itClick Here
2BlenderCreate animations using BlenderClick Here
3BlockchainDApp Development on the Ethereum BlockchainClick Here
4Collaborative CommunitiesDjango development system for collaborative communitiesClick Here
5FOSSEE Optimization ToolboxDevelop the Ecos function for the FOT (Refer to Task 2)Click Here
6LaTeXA document preparation systemClick Here
Interface OpenModelica with external C functions (Refer to Task 3)
Implement Embedded Applications on Arduino Uno (Refer to Task 4)
8PythonPython/DjangoClick Here
9Web DevelopmentDrupalClick Here
To solve at least one of the python problems in Xcos (Refer to Task 2)
To solve at least one of the javascript problemsin Xcos (Refer Task 3)

Q. Are there any registration fees for the fellowship?
A. No, there are no registration charges for FOSSEE Fellowship 2019.

Q. Will I get accommodation during the fellowship?
A. Yes accommodation will be provided inside the campus on a twin sharing basis to the selected fellows.

Q. Do I have to pay anything for the accommodation?
A. Yes the selected fellows will have to pay a nominal amount for accommodation along with a refundable security deposit.

Q. Will I be provided any remuneration for doing the fellowship?
A. Yes you will be provided a stipend depending on the feedback given by your mentors.

Q. What will be the duration of the fellowship?
A. The fellowship will be for a duration of 6-8 weeks.

Q. Will I be provided food during my stay at the campus?
A. The students can have their food from the mess inside the campus. The mess charges have to be borne by the fellows.

Q. Will I be provided with a certificate?
A. Yes certificates will be provided to the candidates who successfully complete our fellowship programme.

Q. What documents do I need to bring for the Fellowship?
A valid photo ID card/ College ID and a few passport size photographs of yourself.
You need to bring a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your HoD that you don’t have any course-work requirements in your parent institution during the period of fellowship (optional).

Q. What are the expected working hours?
A. Usual working hours of the institute are from 9:15 AM to 6.45 PM (Monday through Saturday). However most technical people work beyond these hours. The interns need to sign in an attendance register daily.

Q. Do I need a laptop?
A. Yes. You cannot join the Fellowship if you fail to bring your laptop. Moreover, you might be asked by your mentor to install some software, if any, before coming to IIT Bombay.

Q. When can I expect to receive the stipend and certificate?
A. Issuing of stipend and certificate will take a couple of months after the date of successful completion of the fellowship. Therefore, you are advised to have INR 10k-15k in your hand to manage your living and food expenses during your stay at IIT Bombay.

Q. Can we do the fellowship as Work From home basis?
A. The fellowship cannot be done on “Work from home” basis. As it will require mentoring and monitoring of the work. It is mandatory for you to come to IIT Bombay for the fellowship.

Q. Will I get any travelling allowance from FOSSEE?
A. No. The travel expenses should be borne by the fellows.

Q. Can I go outside the campus during my stay at IIT Bombay?
A. Yes. You can go outside the campus during your stay at IIT Bombay only after the working hours mentioned above. FOSSEE will not be responsible about anything which happens outside the campus.

  1. The FOSSEE team encourages you to select and work only on one of the topic/task mentioned in the above table. If you select to work on more than one topic/project the chances for the selection of the fellowship will be decreased.
  2. Each task should be taken up by an individual only. We do not encourage group submissions.
  3. Honorarium (if any) will be as per FOSSEE norms.
  4. Kindly make sure that your submission files do not contain any copyrighted content.
  5. FOSSEE team shall evaluate the submissions and declare the final list of selected candidates for fellowship on basis of the completeness, correctness and the quality of the tasks submitted.
  6. FOSSEE team reserves the right for the selection and rejection of the FOSSEE fellows. This decision shall be final and non questionable.

FOSSEE project in collaboration with the District Collectors are floating some screening tasks where students have to work on problems of interest to the local government, under the FOSSEE Fellowship 2019. A letter was sent to all the 723 District Collectors of India informing about FOSSEE Fellowship 2019.

Click here to view the letter sent to District Collector