Textbook Companion – Your Academic Buddy

Are you new to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)?
Do you want a better understanding of the concepts in your subject?
Are you someone who prefers a practical approach over conventional methods for learning?
Would you like to learn to use new Software tools to increase your employment potential?
 Well, we present you - The Textbook Companion or just the TBC, a perfect tool to assist you.
 The TBC is a huge repository of solved examples from standard textbooks, coded using various FOSS. Its objective is to provide a practical approach to learn the fundamentals of the subject and strengthen your grip over it.
We truly believe in the ideology of right to freedom and stick by it. Thus, the Textbook Companion is available for free to download, modify and experiment based on your requirement thereby giving maximum freedom to you.
So, use this fun and easy way of learning not only to understand your textbook concepts but also to enhance your software skills. Start exploring more than 1000 companions in various FOSS like Scilab, OpenFOAM, Python, DWSIM, Open Modelica, R, eSim and more. Young and dynamic FOSS enthusiasts from various institutes across the country have contributed in bringing you this amazing resource!
You could be a student, teacher or researcher; the TBC is your companion to learn and master your subject and FOSS.
Ulfa Khwaja
Sr. Project Technical Assistant,
FOSSEE, IIT- Bombay.
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