Introducing FOSSEE Animations: Lecture notes and Animations for Undergraduate Mathematics

Geometric intuition is the ability to solve and/or reason out non-geometric problems in geometric ways. Now, there have been numerous derby matches on rigour vs intuition (especially in mathematics). We’ll try to stray away from recapitulation, but instead, stand on the shoulder of giants

Textbook Companion – Your Academic Buddy

Are you new to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)?
Do you want a better understanding of the concepts in your subject?
Are you someone who prefers a practical approach over conventional methods for learning?
Would you like to learn to use new Software tools to increase your employment potential?
 Well, we present you - The Textbook Companion or just the TBC, a perfect tool to assist you.

Osdag Beta Launch, June 2017


Osdag is a cross-platform free and open source software for the design (and detailing) of steel structures, following the Indian Standard IS 800:2007. It allows the user to design steel connections, members and systems using an interactive graphical user interface. The interactive GUI provides a 3D visualisation of the designed component and creates images for construction/fabrication drawings. The design is typically optimised following industry best practices.

A beta version of Osdag was released on 21-Jun-2017.


The purpose of e-Yantra, a project at IIT Bombay, is to enhance awareness and knowledge of Robotics. The project e-Yantra does this through several methods such as

1. e-Yantra Robotics Competition and e-Yantra Robotics Competition Plus
2. e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative
3. e-Yantra Robotics Teacher Competition
4. e-Yantra Symposium
5. e-Yantra Ideas Competition