FOSSEE Recruitment 2019

FOSSEE Recruitment 2019

Post: Project Research Associate (QGIS)

Subsequent to your application for the post of Project Research Associate (QGIS) we would like you to complete the screening tasks given below.

  1. With LANDSAT 8 data from 2013 to 2015, build a model using QGIS tools to automatically sample data, mask for Maharashtra region, estimate NDVI, NDWI.
  2. Create a new tool that can do all this in one input and get one output. I.e. Create Python Scripts and detailed steps. Use scripts and run the same exercise as above. Compare and document changes in results, if any.

Complete the task and upload them in your Google Drive and send us the link to access the same to Your submissions should contain the following:

1) NDVI/NDWI Task:

  • Excel graph showing monthly variations in NDVI and NDWI.
  • One map image per year showing 12 months of NDVI/NDWI.
  • A report (min 2 pages max 5 pages) on how this was done and what the overall results mean.

2) Tool task:

  • A report (min 4 pages, max 8 pages) on the script, copy-paste the script in the report, and steps involved in the task. Also try to make the report like a tutorial., as you will be creating tutorials in this project.

The deadline for uploading the submissions is 05 December 2019.

If you have any queries please contact us at