Spoken Tutorial Screening Task

The project name: Creation of Spoken Tutorials on Open Source Software for FOSSEE Clubs (Please note this task is open ONLY for students from FOSSEE Clubs)

Screening task description: To create spoken tutorials on open source software

To get selected the applicants have to do the following screening tasks.

Screening Tasks:

Part A: Checklist Test

The Spoken Tutorial creation process follows certain rules and checklists. In this task, you will be tested on your knowledge of the checklist. 

  • To understand the Spoken Tutorial creation process and also prepare for the test, see this link. Refer to this link to download the checklist test guidelines. 
  • You will have to appear for the checklist test.  You shall be notified about the test.
  • The instructions for taking the test will be sent over to your registered email after you register on the spoken tutorial website. 
  • The test will be conducted online. The results will be displayed on the test interface within 24 hrs after the test. 

Part B: Creating a Sample Video

  • The participant who scores above 80% in the checklist test will have to create a 2-minute long Spoken Tutorial. Details will be emailed to the respective participants. 
  • Once selected the intern will have to create spoken tutorials on free & open-source software. If you have any questions, you may write to us at : info[at]fossee[dot]in