List of Workshop under FOSS : Scilab

InstitutionCitysort descendingWorkshop_DateNo. of students
Sagar Institute of Technology and ManagementBarabanki2015-03-2521View
Sagar Institute of Technology and ManagementBarabanki2015-03-2425View
Seth Vishambhar Nath Institute of Engineering & TechnologyBarabanki2015-04-1436View
Kunwar Satyavira College of Engineering & ManagementBijnor2015-02-252View
Bhabha institute of technologyKanpur Dehat2015-03-1920View
Bhabha institute of technologyKanpur Dehat2015-03-2618View
M.L.V. Government College, Bhilwara Bhilwara2014-02-1334View
Jayawantrao Sawant Polytechnic Hadapsar2011-11-1826View
Jayawantrao Sawant Polytechnic Hadapsar2012-02-0330View
Swarnandhra Institute of Engineering and TechnologyAdilabad2013-05-2815View
Tripura Institute Of TechnologyAgartala2013-05-0831View
Tripura Institute Of TechnologyAgartala2013-05-3120View
Anand Engineering CollegeAgra2015-03-2513View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-1732View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-0833View
Institute of Technology Nirma UniversityAhmedabad2015-02-0632View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-1834View
Nirma universityAhmedabad2015-03-2519View
Institute of Technology Nirma UniversityAhmedabad2013-04-0160View
Nirma universityAhmedabad2012-01-3027View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-1033View
C U Shah Science CollegeAhmedabad2011-12-1217View
Nirma universityAhmedabad2012-01-3130View
Institute of Technology Nirma UniversityAhmedabad2013-03-0960View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-1027View
Institute of Technology Nirma UniversityAhmedabad2014-03-1928View
Institute of Technology Nirma UniversityAhmedabad2013-03-1610View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-0729View
Vishwakarma Government Engineering CollegeAhmedabad2012-01-23256View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-1728View
Grow More Faculty of EnggAhmedabad2015-03-1944View
Institute of Technology Nirma UniversityAhmedabad2014-04-1030View
Nirma universityAhmedabad2012-01-30168View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-1832View
Nirma universityAhmedabad2015-03-2619View
Nirma universityAhmedabad2012-01-31168View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-1027View
Sabar Institute of Technology for GirlsAhmedabad2014-04-0280View
Institute of Technology Nirma UniversityAhmedabad2011-12-1629View
Nirma universityAhmedabad2012-01-3128View
Institute of Technology Nirma UniversityAhmedabad2014-11-0430View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-1034View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-08240View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-1730View
Nirma universityAhmedabad2014-02-0630View
Nirma universityAhmedabad2012-01-3032View
Institute of Technology Nirma UniversityAhmedabad2015-02-0932View
C U Shah College of Engg & TechAhmedabad2012-02-10543View