• Mixed Signal SoC design Marathon using eSim & SKY130:

    This marathon aims to provide participants with an open platform and guide them to explore this heavy demanding area of mixed signal chip design. This marathon uses eSim (an open-source mixed signal simulation engine) and SKY130 (an open-source PDK).  
    Thanks to our sponsors, Google Inc. for continuous support and encouragement to build the utility and help us conduct this marathon at the PAN India level. Thanks to FOSSEE, IIT Bombay, Google Inc., and VLSI System Design Corp. Pvt. Ltd for organising this online Mixed-Signal SoC design Marathon.
    For more details, please visit the link
  • Python Hackathon:

    The FOSSEE, the team is organising this online Python Hackathon. It aims to allow participants to flex their Python skills as well as creativity. In this Hackathon, the objective will be to build a 2D Python Game based on a Theme using Pygame. For more details, visit:

  • IITB-AICTE Mapathon:

    The IITB-AICTE Mapathon is a map-making competition for creating thematic maps. It is a collaborative event where participants come together to develop new tools/methods that improve the accuracy and usefulness of maps for a community. This event, organised jointly by IIT Bombay and AICTE invites all Indian nationals to develop maps from openly available geospatial datasets using Free Open Source Software (FOSS), for example, QGIS. For more details, visit:

  • 3 Day Workshop on GIS for River Mapping:

    QGIS (previously known as Quantum GIS, is a free and open-source cross-platform, desktop geographic information system (GIS) application that supports viewing, editing, and analysis of geospatial data. This workshop is organised by the GISE Hub, IIT Bombay in association with the FOSSEE and the Spoken Tutorial Projects. GISE Hub is a project funded by the Department of Science and Technology. The FOSSEE project is funded by NMEICT, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India. For more information please visit:

  • FOSSEE Online Job Fair:

    The FOSSEE project is organised an online job fair. The job fair was organised to connect students who have actively participated and contributed to various FOSSEE activities with prospective employers who can give a kick start to their career. This event was conducted in July 2021. For more details, visit:

  • Circuit Design and Simulation Marathon using eSim:

    FOSSEE (, IIT Bombay, conducted a two week, high intensity, eSim Circuit design and simulation Marathon ( using Skywater 130nm technology. eSim ( is an open source mixed signal simulation platform created by FOSSEE. Skywater is also an open source technology. This Marathon was executed jointly with VLSI System Design (VSD) Corp. Pvt. Ltd., a company established by an alum who has an M.Tech degree from the EE Dept., IIT Bombay. Close to 3,000 students from all over India had participated in this Marathon and 138 students from 73 colleges completed it with brilliant circuit design ideas. These results of the Marathon were announced at 8:30pm IST on Wednesday, 21 July 2021. The Chief Guest for this event was Mr. Sameer Halepete, VP, VLSI, NVIDA. The completed circuits under this marathon can be found here:

    More details about the event can be found here:

  • IITB-ISRO-AICTE Mapathon:

    The FOSSEE project (, IIT Bombay, funded by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MOE, conducted a Mapathon in Dec. 2020 - Jan. 2021, in association with ISRO, AICTE, and CTARA, IIT Bombay. This Mapathon was coordinated by Prof. Pennan Chinnasamy, helped by the FOSSEE Team and his PhD students. About 10,000 college students and working professionals from all parts of our country participated to produce maps, using Indian Remote Sensing Platform Data. The primary objective of this exercise was to understand the potential of ISRO data and to make maps for Indian regions using a state of the art, Free and Open Source Software for mapping, QGIS. We identified and announced the top 200 contributions from the Mapathon. They belong to 136 institutions. The top submissions can be accessed here:

    The event details can be found here:

  • Synfig Studio 2D Animation Hackathon:

    The FOSSEE Project in association with Whistling Woods International (WWI), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and IDC, IIT Bombay organised the Synfig Studio 2D Animation Hackathon. The other partners who joined hands with us were Huion and Wheels Global Foundation. The theme of the hackathon was “Panchatantra Stories”. The task given to the participants was to create an animation of duration of around 2 minutes in Synfig Studio. The narration in the animations can be in any of the  22 scheduled Indian languages and English. The hackathon was open to all Indian nationals, who had basic knowledge in graphics and animation.

    Out of 103 completed submissions, the judging panel shortlisted the winners. 70 out of these submissions were of good quality, out of these top three winners were chosen.  Ten teams were selected for consolation prizes. The submission of four teams were awarded the special recognition prizes, one among them was the submission by the youngest participant of this hackathon, a class 4 student. More details of the hackathon can be found here:

  • Scilab Toolbox hackathon:

    FOSSEE, IIT Bombay (, conducted a Scilab Toolbox Hackathon in May-June 2020, just after the onset of the pandemic. The FOSSEE team has been actively promoting Scilab as an alternative to the extremely popular, but also very expensive (especially to the industry), software, Matlab. The objective of this hackathon was to make available useful open source software as a toolbox within Scilab. The reason to initiate this activity was to increase the number of toolboxes available in Scilab. More than 700 students and professionals from different parts of India expressed interest to participate in the Scilab Toolbox Hackathon. Proposals from about 150 teams were considered to be suitable for toolbox development. A total of 42 teams completed the work in the allotted time of 2-3 weeks. Out of these, nine teams got selected: Five of them are classified as Champions and four received consolation prizes. 

    The event details can be found here:

  • FOSSEE Proponent Symposium:

    The FOSSEE Proponent Symposium is an event to bring together the top FOSSEE contributors/ mentors and FLOSS enthusiasts. The event was held at IIT Bombay on 7 March 2020. In this symposium we identified institutes who will be interested in becoming FOSSEE clubs. For more details, visit: