NCCPS-2018 Proceedings

A National Conference on Chemical Process Simulation-2018 was organized by the FOSSEE team and Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay as a Diamond Jubilee celebration of IIT Bombay on 26 November 2018. One of the main objectives of this conference is to motivate good engineering graduates to continue to work in the core sector.

The conference proceedings contain the work presented by students, faculty and industry participants during the conference as well as flowsheets and their abstracts from DWSIM flowsheeting project. There are two chapters in proceedings. The first chapter presents 10 papers written by students and faculty of top engineering institutions in India. There is also one paper from an industry group. Ten of them are based on open source process simulator DWSIM and one uses OpenModelica. The academic participants have shared their flowsheet as well. Students who contributed these papers familiarised themselves with DWSIM or OpenModelica, as the case may be, and simulated their systems.

In the second chapter, we provide a brief summary of 100 flowsheets, created mainly by students and faculty of top chemical engineering departments in India. All of them have been solved using the state of the art Free and Open Source Simulator (FOSS) DWSIM. Most of them have also compared their results with that from a commercial equivalent. We have also given a link for every flowsheet, from which, one may download and make use of the flowsheet.

Click here to view the proceedings of NCCPS-2018.