The purpose of e-Yantra, a project at IIT Bombay, is to enhance awareness and knowledge of Robotics. The project e-Yantra does this through several methods such as

1. e-Yantra Robotics Competition and e-Yantra Robotics Competition Plus
2. e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative
3. e-Yantra Robotics Teacher Competition
4. e-Yantra Symposium
5. e-Yantra Ideas Competition

The e-Yantra Robotics competition requires students to solve a real world problem using Robots. Students selected for participation are given Robotic kit with all accessories. They are also given video tutorials that explains basic concepts in embedded system and microcontroller programming.
Finally they are given a Rule Book that abstracts a real world problem into a game which they have to solve and implement on Robot. The e-Yantra Competition Plus uses advanced themes such as image processing

e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative provides guidance in setting up Robotics lab at college. The eYantra Lab Setup Initiative also trains teacher in theory and application of Robotics. The e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative is three pronged initiative.

As the first component e-Yantra Lab Setup initiative trains teachers through two day workshop on basic concepts on embedded system and microcontroller programming. The second component is e-Yantra Robotics Teachers Competition where teachers implement Robotics project over a period of three months. Each college is given Robotics Kit with Accessories and Tutorials and taken through project implementation life cycle. The third component is help and assistance in setting Robotics Lab, so that by the time teachers are trained, the colleges are ready with labs for teachers to get students involved through projects.

While the e-Yantra Robotics Competition trains students, the e-Yantra Lab Set up Initiative gets colleges and teachers ready to enable practical Robotics education.

The e-Yantra Symposium, brings together  colleges who have set up e-Yantra labs for discussion and seminars on how to turn these labs into innovation hubs. The Symposium also provides platform for showcasing projects executed in e-Yantra labs at these colleges. The e-Yantra Symposium enables discussion with all stakeholders on future plans of e-Yantra with e-Yantra 'family' of colleges.

The e-Yantra Ideas Competition solicits ideas from teams from eLSI family of colleges to encourage innovative projects and sustained use of Robotics lab set up through eLSI.