FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2021

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Last updated on: 27th April 2021

The FOSSEE Summer Fellowship is a unique and ambitious scheme initiated by the  FOSSEE project, carried out at IIT Bombay. FOSSEE Summer Fellowship started in the year 2018 and now continues to happen every year for a period of 6–8 weeks, during the summer.

How to Participate?

Students who are selected for this Fellowship can be from any college, pursuing any degree, and at any stage of their graduation/ post-graduation. The only criterion for selection is the successful completion of a useful project. Students desirous of getting selected for this Fellowship have to learn a Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) and complete some screening tasks. These tasks can involve programming/ scientific computing/ conducting awareness workshops/ collecting data that will be of use to the community. These screening tasks are not very complicated and can be done over a period of two to four weeks.

Registrations and Submission opens on

17 April 2021

Registration closes on

05 May 2021

Submission closes on

15 May 2021

Announcement of the Fellowship results

Last Week of May 2021

Commencement of Fellowship will be tentatively from

01 June 2021

  1. To register and enrol, click here.
  2. The participants can select only one topic mentioned in the below tables and submit the screening task for the selected topic.
  3. The details of the topics and screening tasks for each are given in the tables under the "Topics for the screening task submission" tab
  4. The completed tasks will be reviewed by the domain experts in the FOSSEE team
  5. After the review, the selected participants will be offered to join the FOSSEE Summer Fellowship-2021 through online mode.

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Project Details

Screening Tasks


Chemical Process Simulation

Create process flowsheets using DWSIM and OpenModelica

Click here


eSim on Cloud

Design and develop a web-based Electronic Circuit design and simulator which will be hosted on the cloud.

Click here


Arduino on Cloud

Design and develop a web-based Arduino circuit design and simulator which will be hosted on the cloud.

Click here



Creating graphics and animations using Inkscape, GIMP, Blender, etc.

Click here


Electronic Circuit Simulation (eSim)

Simulate circuits using the NGHDL feature.

Click here

Please share the event details through this poster with others who might be interested in this Fellowship.

  • You may write your technical queries on specific tasks or projects to the respective teams. To view the contact details, click here.
  • For any general queries on Fellowship and its process write to us at info[at]fossee[dot]in
  1. The FOSSEE team encourages you to select only one topic mentioned in the above table.
  2. We strongly recommend you to complete and submit at least one task from the selected topic for better chances of selection
  3. Each task should be taken up by an individual only. We do not encourage group submissions.
  4. Kindly make sure that your submission files do not contain any copyrighted content.
  5. The FOSSEE team shall evaluate the submissions and declare the final list of selected candidates for fellowship on the basis of the completeness, correctness and quality of the tasks submitted.
  6. FOSSEE team reserves the right to the selection and rejection of the FOSSEE fellows. This decision shall be final and non-questionable.