FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2022

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Last updated on: 20th April 2022

FOSSEE invites applications for the FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2022. The students get an opportunity to work with FOSSEE for approximately 2 months. This is a remote fellowship with continuous support and mentoring. To get shortlisted for the fellowship, Select a project and choose a screening task from the table given below. Then you need to complete at least one of the screening tasks. The selection will be purely based on the evaluation criteria of each screening task.

How to Participate?

Students who are selected for this Fellowship can be from any college, pursuing any degree, and at any stage of their graduation/ post-graduation. The only criterion for selection is the successful completion of a useful project. Students desirous of getting selected for this Fellowship have to learn Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) and complete some screening tasks. These tasks can involve programming/ scientific computing/ conducting awareness workshops/ collecting data that will be of use to the community. These screening tasks are not very complicated and can be done over a period of two to four weeks.

Terms of Engagement: Remote Full time / Part-time

Last date of Registration

10 April 2022

Last date of Submission

17 April 2022

Result announcement

20 April 2022

Commencement of the FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2022

25 April 2022

Conclusion of the FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2022

Mid June 2022

  • To register Please select one of the projects from the table given below and fill out this form to register.
  • The submitted task will be reviewed by experts/ mentors from the FOSSEE team. 
  • After the review, the top submissions will be selected. The results of the selected fellows will be displayed on the website.
  • The fellows will get the flexibility to work full-time (8 hrs a day) or part-time (4 hrs a day) during the fellowship.

Please refer to the weblink URL of the respective project for details on the screening task.

Project NameScreening task description in briefWeblinkContact Email Id

eSim on Cloud

Extending eSim on Cloud platform. Please refer to the web link URL for more details.

Arduino on Cloud

Extending Arduino on Cloud platform. This internship is not about using or programming in Arduino with the actual hardware components nor using an online simulator. It's about improving and enhancing an existing web-based Arduino simulator. Please refer to the web link URL for more details.

Common Interface Project

Extending XCos on Cloud platform. Please refer to the web link URL for more details.

SOUL (Science Open Source Software for Teaching and Learning)

3D Modeling of Chemical Structures using Jmol Application.

 Please click on the web link for more details. 

Creation of the spoken tutorials on open source software

Level 1 ST Checklist test

Level 2 Submission of a 2 min Spoken Tutorial on a given topic


Create creative assets and 2D/3D animations skits for FOCAL (library). Migrate and revamp FOCAL website in Drupal 9.


Different eSim Circuit Simulation and eSimDevelopment Related Tasks. Please refer to the weblink URL for more details.


Python Test + Creating Django Application

CFD using OpenFOAM

After registration, participants will receive an email with a problem statement. Participants need to simulate it using OpenFOAM and submit it within 10 days from the day they receive the email.

with the subject line “FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2022

Process Simulation using DWSIM and OpenModelica

Development of Flowsheets, Models using DWSIM/OpenModelica

Please share the event details through this poster with others who might be interested in this Fellowship.

  • Opportunity to work with faculty from IIT Bombay
  • Certificate of Fellowship
  • Recognition on the FOSSEE website

Note: At the end of the fellowship you may receive an honorarium depending on your quality of work.

  1. Selected FOSSEE Fellows' names will be displayed on the FOSSEE website, alternately they shall also receive an email regarding the selection on their registered email id. So it is important to fill in the correct details in the registration form.
  2. Once the Fellowship starts, every FOSSEE Fellow will be assessed every week based on the quality and quantity of the work. At any point, if the work is found unsatisfactory, the fellowship offer will be withdrawn.